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Old and New Testaments Meet



North tribe of Dan
Triad/ Eagle
Book of John
Taught the Son of God
Tribe of Levi surrounded the ark and the mercy seat.

West/Ephriam                                         _________                                 East/Judah
Triad / Ox                                               Mercy Seat                                Triad / Lion
Book of Mark                                              ARK                                     Book of Matthew
Taught of the Servant                              _______ ____                            Taught of the King

South/ Reuban
Triad / Face of Man
Book of Luke
Taught of the Son of Man




This was the precession of the Jews and the Ark through the desert for forty years.
This is also the books of the gospel as represented by the banners and teachings of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
This is also Revelations Ch. 4 a picture of the throne room in Heaven.
Each Triad ( three tribes)  had a banner see Eze1:10 and Rev 4:7
This is also how William Penn designed Philadelphia.



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