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Pre-Tribulation Rapture
Who Goes: Isaiah 57:1 Righteous & Merciful;
Micah 7:2 Good & Upright;
Isaiah 3:2-3; Psalm 12:1 Godly man;
Malachi 3:16-17 Jewels
Matthew 25:2a Five wise;
Revelation 3:10 Keep the word of His patience;
Revelation 6:11Fellow servants;
Revelation 7:9 Palms in their hands;
 Revelation 14:14-15 They were ripe (first fruits).

Mid-Tribulation Rapture
Who Goes and Why they were left behind till the gleaning harvest:
Matthew 7:23; Luke 13:24-30 Yahushua does not know them YET! Because they work iniquity.
 Isaiah 57:16-18 Iniquity of covetousness backsliders;
Matthew 25:2b Five Foolish;
Micah 7:9 Must bear His Indignation;
Revelation 2:1-29, 3:1-6 Did not repent from the warnings to the six churches.
These are all saved but did not reverence Yahuweh, took their salvation for granted, did not discern Yahushua's blood (the purpose of communion), and denied the power of the Holy Spirit to cleanse them of all iniquity. In fact the pastor's that did not teach them will lose rewards.(I Corinthians 3). These also remained in darkness not reading the word and looking for His soon coming, missing the Crown of Righteousness. They stand in darkness in Micah 7:2 He knows he has missed the rapture and knows also though the wicked shall kill him, Yahuweh will raise him up (eternal salvation).
When does the mid-tribulation rapture occur in scripture:
Revelation 3:10 They did not keep the patience of His word and must go through the hour of temptation that comes upon the whole world, a test.
Revelation 11:11-13 This, describes the event the very center of revelations.
Ezekiel 37:7-11 An exceeding great army that had been slain brought back to life, Raptured.
Revelation 6:11, Describes this group as martyrs, killed as they were.
Revelation 14:17-18 These, being left behind are know fully ripe.
Revelation 15:2, describes this specific group as over coming the test that came on the world (666). They also are different because they have Harps not Palms in their hands.
Halle lu YAH

Elements of the dead in Messiah rising and the Rapture:
 Matthew 27:51-53 Earthquake and the graves opened. After three and a half days and there was great fear.
Matthew 28:2 Another great earth quake and the dead in Messiah rose out of the graves and entered the Holy city. The dead of Matthew 27:53 came out of the graves when the angel rolled away the stone and the earth quaked. The graves were opened when Yahushua died but the word says they didn't rise until after His resurrection In forty days as Yahushua rose so also the  risen, were caught up.

Notice the sequence of events!
Revelation 6:12 Yahushua opens the sixth seal (the number of man) and there is a great earthquake (the rapture, first fruits). Satan and his angels as stars are cast out of heaven to the earth, 144,000 are sealed, the dead rise in Messiah and we go up to meet Yahushua in the air.
Revelation 14:14-15. The Son of man Himself reaps us.
I Thessalonians 4:16-17 Yahushua comes with a shout of the arch angel.

Revelation 11:11-13 Three and a half days the dead in Messiah rise, at the same time there is a great earthquake, and great fear.

Exodus 15:16-18 Fear and dread shall fall upon them; by the greatness of Thine arm (Yahushua) they shall be as still as a stone; till Thy people pass over, O Yahuweh, till Thy people pass over, which Thou hast purchased. 17 Thou shalt bring them in, and plant them in the mountain of Thine inheritance, in the place, O Yahuweh, which Thou hast made for Thee to dwell in, in the Sanctuary, O Yahuweh, which Thy hands have established. 18 Yahuweh shall reign for ever and ever.

O Father let our eyes be open to the remaining iniquities that we may dwell with you as, Your jewels. Let repentance and the humbling of our souls be before You, in Your never ending mercy to us. Father, cleanse me and I will be cleansed by the precious blood of Your Son Yahushua and the power of His eternal Spirit that dwells in me.




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