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When will the Groom come?

On 07-20-97 this message was given; “My signs are upon the earth and they are for today. I will be faithful. I will be coming in a short time, to give the believers their reward and to give the unjust their reward.” Psalm 58:11;
On 07-23-97 this part of the message was also given, “I will keep you in a high place upon the Rock.” Psalm 27:5.
On 10-26-97 this part of the message was given, “We need the harvest, the harvest is coming! It is upon us! Yes, make sure your feet are on the Rock. Mark 4:29; Jeremiah 51:33;Isaiah 21:9-10;Matthew 13:30;I Thess. 4:17
This year 1998 is the Jubilee year for Israel, and us who are born again. Jubilee is redemption and judgment. Isaiah 57, Psalms 34
Benjamin Netnyahu Israeli Prime Minister’s 1996 campaign theme was peace and safety. I Thess. 5:3
The Jewish calendar the year is 5758 in Hebrew these numbers mean “The schedule of Noah” Matthew 24:37 As Noah was hid and sealed by God in the ark for seven days so shall we be in the huppah seven years. On 05-31-98 this massage was given; “You are precious to Me in my sight and I will hide you in My secret place in the time of trouble. Wait on me!”  Psalm 27 again!
June 28,1998 “Those who serve me shall be blessed and I will hide them in trouble under my wings and I will deliver them. It is not My will that any should perish, and those who serve Me shall come in and out and find green pastures.” John 10:9
He also says in the same message, “But those who do evil and keep rejecting Me, they shall have their reward for the wrong they have done.”

Does Yahushua’s Holy Spirit dwell within you?
There is judgment and redemption again in this message.
July 12, 1998 message, “I have given you the gift of salvation. Take it not lightly, but be holy and obedient unto Me.
If you do not know Yahushua (Jesus) as Lord, than say this prayer:
Yahushua, I am a sinner but I know you died in my place and your blood has cleansed me. Forgive me and I want you to be my Lord and God. In Yahushua’s Holy(set apart) Name. Amen

Yahushua is the Hebrew  for Jesus


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