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We thank you Father for your continued mercy to the Israel of Yahuweh unto repentance and acceptance of Your Son, Yahushua!
In His name we pray. Halle lu YAH!

Father as we move like water through the stream of life. Encountering obstacles and turns, may we keep in our hearts the faith to know we are Your children and inheritors of Your kingdom. Each of us are being reformed to the image of Your Son, Yahushua. By His blood, the Spirit's divine influence, and Your mercy we stand by faith.
Halle lu YAH

Father by your Son's eternal Spirit, which dwells in me; Change my heart to one of love. Let forgiveness and mercy forever be on my lips for those who have injured me. Let me not be an obstacle to those whom you have called. Let me rest in your love and learn when chastened.
Halle lu Yahushua

Father let us bare our burdens with joy till Your coming. May the Fear of Yahuweh be in our hearts, knowing that is where you look to judge by the heart. Lift us by Your Spirit of Comfort and Peace so that we may rejoice in all things.
Halle lu YAH Our Savior and King

Father thank you for the truth of the Word and Your reward for faith and obedience, life without end. Halle lu Yah Yahushua King of Kings.

Thank you Father for the sacrifice of You Son for my transgressions, I have been cleansed of all unrighteousness once and for all by Yahushua's precious blood, and brought into your family of the commonwealth of Israel through your loving-kindness.

Father may I be a vessel that Your Sons grace might be seen living in me. May all the fruits of Your Holy Spirit grow in this vessel. Strengthen me that iniquity does not rule my weak heart. Let me be strengthened daily by Your cleansing word. Strengthen my mind that I may take each thought captive to the obedience of Messiah. Submitting myself to the shed blood that was paid for me by Yahushua and not offending the Spirit that has sealed me until that day.
Halle lu Yah to the Trinity

Father let me be led by your Spirit that my ministry may stand the test of fire. May I be a willing vessel for your work here on this earth at this desperate hour. May my life and testimony of your mercy be divine influence to others. May I seize each opportunity to be used by Your Spirit in the spreading of the good news and the freeing of the captives. Those who have little hope because of rejection and bondage. Open my eyes that the work I do is gold and silver that will not burn away.
Halle lu YAH Yahushua our soon coming King Amen!

Father I come before you by the words of your psalm:
Psalm 25:16-18 Turn thee unto me, and have mercy upon me; for I am desolate and afflicted. 17 The troubles of my heart are enlarged: O bring thou me out of my distresses. 18 Look upon mine affliction and my pain; and forgive all my sins.
Father show me my transgressions by Your Holy Ghost, that I might humble myself before you O mighty King Yahushua. Let the fear of Yahuweh rule my heart that I walk in all your ways forever!
Halle lu Yahuweh

Yahuweh, you are Faithful, Righteous, and Merciful
Halle lu YAH

Father let the fruits of Your Son's Spirit be in us and grow until the day of Yahushua Messiah.
We thank you Holy Spirit for your work of sanctification, comfort, guidance, understanding, and that great work of salvation we see happening to others You have led us to witness to.
We thank You knowing because you dwell within us that we are never alone and nothing is hid from Your eyes.
By conviction of truth and chastisement we are guided on right paths of growth.
Your mercy, Yahuweh, love of Yahushua and presence by Your Holy Spirit forever and ever Halle lu YAH!

Father let Your fear be in our hearts by Your Holy Spirit. Guide us into the obedience of Messiah with all fear and reverence for You and the Word. Halle lu YAH
Father Yahuweh I stand in awe of your mercy.
I reverence your name Yahuweh and the name of your son Yahushua.
I stand in Your love and am not afraid.

Halle lu YAH to the Lamb of Yahuweh

Father let your glory be seen in our lives, let your reverence reign in our hearts. Have us as Your jewels. As You spare the firstborn son who serves You.
Halle lu YAH

Faith is the key to the door of liberty and freedom.
By Yahushua's blood we boldly can enter in.

Father, raise more of this assembly to prophesying, strengthen Bryan who has been exhorted to this gift and received by laying on of the hands, according to Your Word. Raise, up those to interpret, that we may all hear your will for this assembly. We cherish the gifts, but let love for your people be our motive. We thank you for your servants that you have sent to prophesy over us. Your blessings are new every day. Your power throughout this assembly, more love, more power, more of you in our lives.
Halle lu YAHUWEH
Shema Israel, Yahuweh Eloheynu, Yahuweh ecad.

Father, prepare us by Your Son's Spirit and our obedience by faith in Your Word to receive the glory. Be quick to chasten us that we may repent and live by the Fear of Yahuweh. May our eyes be open and ears ready to hear Your voice of correction.
 Halle lu YAH Yahuweh our King

Father, O that the people would hear the call of this ministry to walk in your paths. To know our God! To see that Your ways are right from the foundation of the world and that you change not. For Your love is only for those who follow you in love. The wicked shall not only die horribly but suffer eternal torment. Father in wrath, remember mercy.
Halle lu Yahushua for your merciful blood of forgiveness.
Yahushua our soon coming King!
Halle lu Yah

Father, that I might reflect honor and praise to others humbling myself both before them and You. That I may do honor to all men, especially those of your household. May all the praise be to your Son who is seen through my life and actions.

Halle lu YAH YAHUWEH in the name of YAHUSHUA 

Father I stand by Your Word and the truth of Your name. Your promises are for me and all those who believe in Your Son through His blood we enter Your covenant and have all the promises to Israel. I stand according to faith in Your Word.
Halle lu Yahushua

Father open our eyes to transgression let us not be taken in our iniquity. Mercy of the divine influence upon our hearts that we turn from strife and love prevail. May we learn to hide transgressions not unto death by our intercession of prayers of love for one another; that the Shama be fulfilled.

Father I know by your Son's words I can not lose my salvation (John 10:29) and that He is You and through His eternal sacrifice and the blood, I can stand before you as a son. Yahushua I will heed to your commandment to love one another for you are My Shepherd by the Holy Ghost Power the presence and the promise of You and the Father in me. I delight in the things of Yahuweh and this life of abundance and guidance by Your Spirit I enjoy. Halle lu Yahuweh! Amen.

Father You are our God and by Yahushua’s blood we have become the Israel by faith. Let Your fear be our guide. Let us love You with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength by Your divine influence upon our hearts, knowledge by Your word, understanding by Your Spirit, and the reflection in our lives by wisdom of our submission to You. Your great work of sanctification.
Halle lu YAH
Father let us see our transgression, so that we might repent as we judge ourselves when we take the communion of saints. Mercy and grace on our lack of faith, trust, and impatience. Let the fruit of chastisement grow in us to perfection, so that we may serve you and Your Son be seen in us.
Halle lu Yahuweh





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