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Prayer: Handles of the Faucet

Faith is people acting in accordance with God's known purpose or promise.

Sometimes we pray and don't see results: Daniel 9:2 Daniel understood the prophecy of Jeremiah (25:11-12) and prayed and interceded for all Israel. He continued to pray earnestly (10:12) but his prayer was not to his understanding getting through.

 Sometimes we don't fully understand God's purpose: Mark 15:30 Save thy self, and come down from the cross.
Not fully understanding God's purpose we would think that was a good idea. The Father's ways are far beyond our understanding. By knowing His word and will, we should stand firm on our prayers until we see the results. James 5:17; I Kings 18:1,42

Manna: 4478 (what is this stuff) the bread of life for Israel in the desert. Exodus 16:15-31
 Some of the characteristics of manna were only one day, supply except for the sabbath. If you went two days manna would stink and develop worms.
Yahushua (Jesus) is the bread of life John 6:35, we need a fresh anointing each day.
We need fresh bread Yahushua, every day, His word our prayers based on His word.

You did not build the water plant or most of the system that delivers the water to you. It is at you use by turning on the faucet. Sometimes because of rust or minerals the handle is hard to turn. (satan, fallen angels).
We believe God's word and stay steadfast in our prayers and the flowing of blessing and promises will come. They have to He is Yahuweh! God Almighty, and we have access to Him through His Son and His sacrifice for us.

Blessings upon the Israel of God through Yahushua Messiah in the name of YAHUWEH! Baruch Hashem.



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