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Praise, Exalt, and Honor
Yahushua our Messiah and Master who:
Does all things well
Always causes us to triumph
Has made us more than conquerors
Has made us sit in heavenly places
Far above all principalities and powers
Has made the born again believers kings and priests
Has made us His righteousness
Loves us with an ever lasting love
Has given the believers the kings of the kingdom
Has given us authority over all power of the enemy
Has forgiven all our crookedness (sin and iniquity), and heals all our diseases
Crowns us with kindness and tender mercies
Who satisfies our desire with good
My youth is renewed like the eagle's
Has revealed to us the mystery of the ages
Has placed within our earthen vessels a heavenly treasure
Wishes above all that we prosper and be in health even as our souls prosper
Has promised He would never leave or forsake us
Has given us the Spirit of peace and life
Has sent His Spirit to lead us in all truth
Has stripped the principalities, authority, power, and utterly destroyed the enemy              Has promised He would work with us
Sits at the right hand of the Father making intercession for us
When we harken to His commandments, He causes us to be the head and not the tail
Be above and not beneath, causes us to lend and not to borrow
Promised to bless the fruit of our labor, our barns, our going out and our coming in,
Our rising up and our laying down, every place that we put our hands unto
Supplies all our needs according to His riches in glory
 Is coming again, that where He is, that we may be also

How can we forsake so great a Master, who loves us, who believe, unconditionally, who gives these promises according to His Word. How can we continue to walk in: disobedience, lust, weakness, sickness, depression, unforgiveness, unsubmissiveness?
Father let us bind ourselves to the truth of your Word, let the things of the world's lust fall from us as we make confession who You say we are and not as we see ourselves. Let not others judge us but judge themselves if they truly are living according to Your word in their lives. I have been blinded to Your truth by my own lust and satan's attempt to keep me in darkness to the light of Your word. Reveal to me the light by Your Holy Spirit Yahushua, change me and remember Your covenant to write Your laws upon my heart. I thank you Yahushua for the Blood, shed for me and Your broken body for my healing, chastisement for my peace.
Halle lu Yahushua the Lamb of Yahuweh









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