Eagles Alarm Ministries

Opening Prayer

Father: mercy, protection, healing, prosperity, and the breaking of every yoke are in the body and blood of your Son. That He Himself stands in intercession for each one of us that believes on Him and His great sacrifice. Let these truths settle into our souls. Let love flow, as those divine truths take hold of our lives.
Depression, fear, and sickness; quickly flee our person as we recall these great truths in Your Word and the communion of saints;
We remember Your love, shown forth by Your Son's sacrifice for us, while we were yet in our sins.
Deliver us from evil and its effect on our lives as we judge ourselves and make repentance for offending Your Holy Spirit, Who has sealed us until the catching away, The Day of Yahuweh.
May Your Son's sacrifice come to mind each time we lack patience, as we make supplication before You. Knowing you have received our prayer and Your perfect will for our lives will come to pass.
Father may these truths be bond to our hearts that believe on your Son's name Yahuweh who saves, Yahushua the Messiah.
May our eyes be open to see Your mercy in our lives appear daily?
We will read the word, for You Yahushua are The Word.

Halle lu YAH to our soon coming King



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