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New Life / New Covenant
Hebrews 8:8-13; Jeremiah 31:31-33; Hebrews 10:9-19
God through Paul in Hebrews explains the New Covenant over 3 chapters.
Why can't you lose your salvation? The New Covenant!
Why are you no longer subject to the punishment of sin, which is eternal death, the New Covenant.
The word grace appears 61 times in the New Testament, 60 times it has this meaning: divine influence (the Word of God) upon your heart (by the Holy Spirit) and it's reflection in life. ( My free will to obey God or not.)
God says in the New Covenant that He, God is going to write His laws upon your heart. God does that by the Holy Spirit. That's His job.
We as believers in Yahushua's(Jesus) blood sacrifice for us serve out of love or do not serve out of choice, (our free will). God wants your love unconditional as His love was shown to the world through the sacrifice of His only begotten son.
Do you know the Shama Mark 12:29 to love God and love your neighbor?
These things are all by choice.
Many people think you can lose your salvation? Many people think you can still sin(miss the mark so as not to share in the prize)? The New Covenant shows that you can do neither. There is nothing you can do to separate yourself from God's love toward you.
There is a change that occurs in every believer when they accept Yahushua's (Jesus) sacrifice. Love of God for what He has done. Some people try to force people to love God and obey laws and rules you can not do it. Just as that person can not always walk around being good. It is not in this physical make up. Some time or another this flesh enters in and we stumble. That only increases my love for my Redeemer, because he is always there to pick me up. Family, churches, and friends may not forgive or leave but He is always there. You can't lose God even if you try. You can't sin and lose your salvation for the same reason.
When not responding to the Holy Spirit and choosing the things of the flesh, we bring insult to the God that saved us through the Holy Spirit, which gives eternal life.
God wants a love relationship of your own free will.
People that believe you can lose your salvation and that you can sin have not yet fully realized the fullness of the blood of The Christ.

Father, I am your bond-servant, (Exodus 21), I have chosen to serve you out of love, knowing that You loved me first and have redeemed me once and for all time. Let others know the fullness of this great gift through the Holy Spirit baptism. Your mercy and loving-kindness I seek and hope to impart to others that they may see Your Spirit dwelling in me and ask the reason of the hope that is in me.
I rejoice and again rejoice.

Halle lu YAHUWEH


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