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Jewish Views of the Resurrection

Jewish teachings refer to several resurrections: From ArtScroll Tanach Series: Psalm 72: 17 reference 1.

  1. Kovetz Shiurim Vol.II: 644, who explains there will be two resurrections. The general resurrection for all men will take place after the Messianic era. However, at the advent of the Messianic era a limited revival of the dead will occur, bringing back to life the outstanding individuals, the great scholars and men of piety, of each generation. This is also the opinion of the Ritva, who explains that it is only right that these dedicated persons should enjoy the bliss and rewards of the Messianic times. [ See Pesachim 114b, Tosafos, and Sanhedrin 51b, Rashi s.v.]
  2. Rav. Saadiah Gaon states that Moses will be revived together with all other prophets of Jewish history, who will assist him.
  3. The Yalket Shimoni to Job, Chapter 38, 924 tells us of Rav Yoshiya’s final wish: Dress me in white shrouds. Put shoes on my feet and a staff in my hand and put me on my side [ in the grave] so I will be ready when Messiah comes and calls me to life.
  4. The Talmud (Sandhedrin 92a) says that the righteous ones who will be resurrected [ in the Messianic era, Rashi] will never return to their graves.
  5. Finally the sages (Sotah 48b) speak of the future and place the revival of the dead before the advent of Messiah, the scion of David. In light of the sources, this must refer to the outstanding leaders, not to the masses.

All these examples of a resurrection or what we term as a rapture are taught in the Jewish teaching from old. The rapture is not a new precept.
Paul and Peter talk in greater detail in the New Testament expounding on the teachings already in the Synagogues of that time. In past teachings by scripture I have showed both the pre and mid- tribulation raptures [netzal- hebrew; harpozo- greek]. These terms simply mean catching away.
I thought this was important to show you that the resurrection which occurred and explained in Matthew 27: 50-52 and 28:1-2. Remember what has happened will happen again (Ecclesiastes 1:9) the same way.
Please study all the teachings I’ve given you with confidence. I have another bit of the puzzle in Psalm 47. Look for this new teaching soon.
Pastor Roger D. Farrah Halle lu YAH





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