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JULY 4, 1998

Psalm 136 has a central theme, thank the living God.
This country was founded in the perfect will of God. Those men who fought both with the rifle and the pen were only about fifteen percent of the population of the Colonies. Our forefathers beat the world power at that time by the Grace of God.
George Washington himself at Valley Forge had a vision of the future of the United States and the wars that would be fought on our soil. Two have been fulfilled there remains the third one. This vision is recorded in the Library of Congress but yet is not taught in our schools. All these men of that time and who signed the Declaration of Independence had a strong belief in Jesus Christ the living God.
Our first college, Harvard University, the basic entrance requirement was a belief in Jesus Christ. The next hundred years about sixty percent of all college graduates went to serve God as pastors.
In 1835 the king of France sent Alexis Henri Tocqueville a judge to America to see why we had so few prisons. He traveled America for two years and letter wrote back to the king. The reason that America has so few prisons and is a great nation is that God is in their churches, God is in their government, and God is in their schools. When God is no longer in those institutions, America will no longer be a great nation.
In 1963 and on, God has been removed from our schools by government legislation, by tolerance of our people, and by division among our churches.
We now have youth violence, moral decay, the largest prison system in the world, the highest divorce rate, gay rights, and we can legally abort babies.
We also have created a generation based on the single parent.
Men are no longer men. We must not run from responsibility,
GOD, Family, Church, Government,. 
We (men) are the leaders of our families, government, and service to God.
We must take back our God given duty. In all bibles there is an order the Man, woman, and children. We have a service to God, our family, church and government, in that order. All Christian religion teaches repentance. Ask for forgiveness and turn from the sin. In all old testament writings, Hebrew, Christian, and Moslem when man got out of God’s will there was judgment.



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