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II Kings 22:3-23:20
Tom Gaston / Disappearance computer codes 9/07/2001
II Kings 22:3 has the elements of the Rapture. Please follow:
Gather the silver and giving this to the doers of the work (II Kings 22:5)
Those that have the oversight of the house of Yahuweh:
II Kings 22:7 No reckoning for the money; because they dealt faithfully.
II Kings 22:13 Go ye and enquire of Yahuweh for me, for great is the wrath of Yahuweh that is kindled against us, because our fathers have not hearkened unto the words of this book, to do according unto all that which is written concerning us. READ II Kings 22:15-20
II Kings 22:19 (Word to the king) Because thine heart was tender, and thou humbled thyself before Yahuweh, when thou heard I spoke against this place, and against the inhabitants thereof, (READ the rest)
Gods Answer: 20 I will gather thee unto thy fathers, and thou shalt be gathered into the grave in peace; and thine eyes shall not see all the evil which I will bring upon this place.
Psalm 12:1;Isaiah 57:1-2; Micah7:1-2
I asked the Father to confirm my understanding and His word.
II Kings 22:14 gives a list of names here is that list and their meanings and the sentence they make:
Hilkiah        Yah's portion
Ahikam        Brother arise
Achbor         intangible or attacking
Shapan         to cover or hide
Asahiah        made by Yah
Huldah          to glide swiftly and age
Shallum         recompense or reward
Tikvah           hope or expectation
Harhas           very poor
Jerusalem       teaching of peace
The message: Yah's portion, brother arise, (to the) intangible (to) hide, made by Yah to glide swiftly (to the) age (of) reward, (the) hope (of the) very poor (to the) teaching of peace.
In both the scripture and this hidden message the bible code was confirmed.
Father give us understanding, that we may be brave in the face of our enemies, praying for Your mercy on them, Knowing Your great power and the words of prophecy for their destruction and our deliverance.
Halle lu YAH
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