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Cursed is!
Deuteronomy 28:15
All Growth, Prosperity, And Success will be withheld from the following:
One who outwardly acts the pious man, devoted to God, but privately denies that God is the sole existing Deity and that He reigns supreme to the exclusion of all else
One who shows respect to his parents in public but in reality despises them.

One who cultivates a reputation for honesty but who, when he is unobserved, infringes upon the rights of his neighbor to his own advantage.

One who in the presence of men of wisdom and insight, waxes lyrical (giveemotional expression to strong feeling) over the need to promote the welfare of others, but in fact brings misfortune upon the short sighted and credulous (believing too easily).

One who grovels before the high and mighty but removes himself from the weak and helpless whom it would be his human duty to assist.

The hypocrite who poses as a highly respectable member of society but whose private life is lewd.

One who will not openly point his dagger at his neighbor, but nonetheless kills the latter’s happiness, peace of mind and personal dignity by innuendos in his conversations with others.

One who enjoys a position of trust in his community and abuses it by undercover acts of corruption.

One who, though he himself is faithful to his duty, stands idly by while loyalty to the law declines among his contemporaries near or far.

One who strikes down his neighbor in secret, this is the blow struck by an evil tongue, which is beyond the reach of human courts of justice, but which undermines the happiness, peace and personal dignity of its victim. This is the habitual scandal mongering that has become the offender’s second nature.
Taken from The Penta Teuch  Hirsch Chumash



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