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Chew the Cud
The Restoration of all matters of all maters proceed the return of  YAHUSHUA whom the heavens need to receive .                                                                     
Leviticus 11;3
The clean animals are those who have a split hoof completely divided chewing the cud. IT

is of great importance that we do not choke on the meat of ‘’The Word’’ or that we refuse

the strong meat and stay infant or baby believers, we have to  chew the Word until it

becomes digestible so that we grew and become mature and powerful believers who

are well able to fight the fight of faith and who are capable to pull down every strong

hold  of the enemy and to set the captives  free.[ Leviticus 11,Deut.14. ].The Scripture

encourages us, to quite ourselves like men , men are mature, men .who have eaten the Word

of YAHUWEH, who eat meat and not milk [ 1 Cor,3;2 ,16;13 ]. YAHUSHUA said


‘’I have meat to eat that ye know not of. ,My meat is to do the will of Him that sent me

and to finish His work.

In Leviticus 11 we have some parables. The clean animals are those animals who have a 

Split hoof completely divided and chewing the cud, we can compare them to the people

Who are regenerated who have become clean through the Blood of the Lamb who is our

Master YAHUSHUA who has redeemed us. [Ephesians 1:7 ], in order for this regenerate


 Believers, to mature and not to stay children or baby believers , they have to eat

The unleavened bread of sincerity and truth,[1 Cor. 5:8  Matt. 4:4 ] , but in order  to

Digest it we have to chew it, [1 Cor. 14: 26 ]. This is a Scriptural formula of how the

Congregation, every part of the body [1 Cor. 14; 26 and  12;12-31 ] must function.

Each member of the body has a psalm, has a teaching, has a tongue, has an interpretation
all be done for the up building.  In order for the body 

Be build up this is what should happen, what is happening right now in the body 

In   the   churches  is  wrong,  unscriptural   and   is  not  up building  and   not  edifying  

At  all.  The  body   of  the  believers  are  fallen down   weak  and  weaklings. People 

Come  in  the  assembly,  then  they  see  a  Vision, or they  get  a  Word , or a  thought

Comes  to  their  mind, then  they  get  up  and  share  that  Word , Vision or thought,

Which  is  like  Raw  meat, that  is  unprepared  it  cannot  be  digested  since  it  has  not 

Been   chewed  by  the  one  to  whom  it  was  given, instead  of  going  home  and  ,and

Meditate on it as Psalm 1 and Joshua 1:8---instructed us to do, to meditate on the

Word to talk on that specific Word to different believers, to pray about it, read 

What the Scripture [ Bible ]  says  about  it , research  on  it  keep  on  chewing  it until it

Becomes  digestible , now  it  is  ready  to  share  it  with  the  body  of  believers  at the 

Coming  together  again,  if  the  SPIRIT  lead   you  to  do  so [ Romans 8;14 ] .We  must 

Realize  for  every  thing  there  is  a  time  and  a  season , which  means  you  have  pre-

Pared  that  Word  or  teaching, or  psalm  or  revelation.  The  person who  received 

Something  to  share  with  the  body  has  to  prepare  it  has  to  chew  it  again  and

Again  and  again  until it  be  digestible  because  you  have  prepared  it  well. It  is  like

A woman  who has  invited  guests  to  come  and  have  supper   or lunch  at  her  house

And  because  she  were  expecting  people  she  is  well  prepared, everything  is  ready

Sometimes  it takes  two  or  more  days  if  these  are very  special  guest’s , she  do  not

Wait until  the  guest’s arrives  and  then  start  to  prepare  the  dinner  and  have  it

Ready   in  twenty  minutes. If  some  one  have  a tongue  let  it  be  two  or  at  the  most

Three , also  let  the  prophets  or  those  who  have  that  prophetic  calling  speak  they 

Will  have   a  word  for  the  up building  of  the  church  or  for  direction  of  the  church.

The  congregations  are  sometimes  a  very  unpleasant  place  to  go  too ,sometimes  or 

Most  of  the  times  the  Pastor  or  visiting  Speaker’s  are  the  only  ones  who  have  a 

Time  to  share , while  there  might  be  some  one  who  also  has  received  something ,

Who  has  been  chewing  the  cud  on  specific  ‘’ what ever ‘’  and  never  gets  the  op-

pertunity  to share  what  is  needed  for  that congregation  we  need  to  make time  for 

Them  we  cannot ignore  the  order  of  the  assembling  of  the  congregation  GOD  for-

Bid  that  we  should  not  honour  is  divine  order.

In   many congregations the  leader  will  ask  if  there is  any  one  who  has  a  short  tes-

Timony  or  witness , well  that  is  not  the  place  for  a  testimony , [ Rev. 12; 11 ] what 

Does  it  means  that  they  overcame  the  accuser  of   the  or the  dragon  the  old 

Serpent  the devil  and  satan   by  the  blood  of  the  Lamb , and the  word  of  their  tes-

Timony /  It  means  that  when  the  enemy  attacks  them  they  tell  him , we  have  been 

Redeemed  by  the  blood  of  YAHUSHUA  we  refuse  that  you  can  defeat  us  for  we 

Command  you  to  go  we  are  more  than  conquerors , we  are  the  temple  of  the 

SPIRIT   the same  SPIRIT  that  raised  Messiah  from  the  dead , the  greater  one 

Abides  in us  ect.  [ 1 John 3 ;8 , Rom. 5; 17 ,1 Cor. 15; 57 ect, ] Sin  has  no power over

You , you  have  been  made  a  new  creation , old  things  has  passed  away Psl 103;3.

The  body  of  Messiah  are  Ramshackle/ Dilapidated  it  do  not  function  as  a  power-

Full  strong   victorious  body , because  only  a  very  limited   parts  of  the  body  are 

Strong  and  matured  by  growing  and  chewing  the  cud , while  the  rest  are  only  the

Listing   members  to  what  those  who  have  been  chewing  the  cud  have  to  say ,they

Need  to  get  into  1 Cor. 14 ;26---

This page is a following up  the teaching of  Messiah in Matt:21
Remember in Matt: 21 when Yahushua came into Yerushalayim from Beyth Phagi and most of the people or the crowd spread their talis prayer shawls on the  way, while  others  cut down  branches from  the  trees and  spread them
on the way and the crowds who followed cried out “ Hoshia-na “ to the  Son of Dawid! Blessed is he who is coming in the name of Yahuweh! Hoshia-na  in the highest!, and as He  entered into Yerushalayim, all the city was stirred, saying, “Who is this, and the crowds said, this is Yahushua, the prophet of Nasareth of Galil,”
Yahushua went into the temple/tabernacle of Elohim and cast out all them that sold and brought in the temple, He over threw the tabels of the money- changers and the seats of them that sold doves and said, “ It is written, My house shall be called the House of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves, the blind and the lame came to Him in the temple and He healed them. When the chief priests and scribes saw the wonderful things that He did, and the children saying Hosia-na to the Son of Dawid: they were sore displeased and said unto Him, hearest Thou what these say? And Yahushua said unto them! Yes have you never read, out of the mouth of babes and sucklings Thou hast perfected praise ?
Yahushua is referring to Psalm 8:2 Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast Thou perfected, ordained founded strenght because of the enemies,that you mightest still or silence or shut down the enemy and the avenger!.What He is saying is when you start praising, worshipping Yahuweh then you are silencing  the enemy. In Amos 9:11/12 In that day I wil raise up the tabernacle  of Dawid that is fallen, and close up the branches thereof:,and I will raise up his ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old.12.That they may possess. When you start worship and praising Yahuweh you silents your  enemy, and you start possessing. How did Israel possess Yericho Yoshua 6:16,20.  It came to be at the seventh time when the priest blew the horns, that Yehoshua said to the people “Shout for YHWY has given you the city” When the crowd shouted in Yerushalyim Hoshia-na , Yahushua started to de-possess in order to possess; you must first depossess before you can possess, Israel depossessed Yericho before  they could take the spoil. The most effective way of   war-fare in the olden days was to shout  aloud to bring the fear upon your enemies to get the fear on their horses ,that is why they used Shofars which they blew.
We have to see what Yahuweh thinks about it. In Isaiah 42: 12---15., it says that Yahuweh shall go forth as a mighty man, He stirs up ardour like like a fighter or a man of war . He cries out yea, shout  aloud; over His enemies, He shows Himself mighty, Have you heard woman when they are in labour they they cry or scream out, Yahuweh compare this to that. I will destroy and devour at once! On the last day,the great day of the Festival of Booths Yahushua stood and cried out, saying,” If  anyone thirsts, let him come to Me, and him who believes in Me drink, this crying out loud was indeed like screaming out aloud it was not soft or normal it was a very busy lively crowd of people like at a big gathering of thousands of people from many places and countrys getting ready to enjoy this last day, so Yahushua was very loud in order for this celebrating crowd to have heard Him.I beleve like many people that there is also the scripture which says “He speaks to me in a still small voice”, there is also  a place  for the still small voice, many times this is how He speaks, but we are in a warfare, in a battle and it is imparative for us to shout aloud the name of Yahuweh which is our Strong Tower
(Proverbs 18:10) or shout HalleluYah! That will put the enemy to flee. That is why the restorartion of the tabernacle of Dawid is essential in order for the believers. Elohim inhabitest the praise of His people. Gide-on ( Judges 6; 7:7) Elohim saved Israel by Gide-on  and three hundred men, when this group divided into three groups of hundred each  and these small groups blew their shofars (rams horn) and shouted aloud for Yahuweh and Gide-on a very great victory came out of shouting and blowing their shofars  and brake the pitchers the enemy was totality defeated. Let us also recall a time in the history of Israel , when the children of Mo-ab and of Ammon came to battle againstbthe Israelites in the reign of Yehoshaphat ( 2 Chron. 20 ) it was a very great army, from beyond the sea, from Aram and king Yehoshaphat proclaim a fast throughout  Yahudah, and the Spirit of YHWH  came upon Yahuziel and he prophesied “ Do not fear, nor be afraid of the face of this great army, for the battle is not yours, but Elohim’s” It is not for you to fight*this battle ( 2Chron. 20:21,22,23,24.) The king Yehoshaphat appionted singers to praise and worship Yahuweh, who gave them such a great victory that they took more than three days to take the spoil over the Moabites and the Ammonites. That worship and singing and praising Yahuweh who’s goodness and mercy endureth for ever “ this is also building the tabernacle of Dawid.The believers should praise without ceasing we are the tabernacle and the Set-apart Spirit dwells in us, and Yahuweh honour His Word and He do inhabitest the praises of His people.( 1Cor.14:15 ) and by doing it ( by praising and worship ) we depossess fear, lack,need, sickness, inferiority,depression  etc. and we possess power,love, sound mind,health,prosperity,joy,boldness etc. My House Shall Be Called  A  House Of Prayer  and Praise. (  1 Thes. 5:15---28 ) Rejoice in Yahuweh always ! Always means all the way  as long as you are on this way Rejoice!











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