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These statements are for all who are born again.

Yahuweh the Father chastises those whom He loves and lets us be tempted. knowing His laws and commandments, which are light, to reveal our iniquities, that we might ask to be freed from the bondage of wickedness. Which by ourselves we can't break, only by the power of the blood and sacrifice of Yahuweh who saves, Yahushua, Jesus, the Son of the living Elohim. He was bruised for our iniquities (wickedness) that we have the release of that bondage. This is why we are not under condemnation for the sin or iniquity due to His sacrifice, the new covenant, and our faith in it.

The precept of love, which is the core of all the laws, commandments, statutes, and ordinances, is the very nature of Elohim. These were given as light for us not to stumble; they are grace (divine influence upon our hearts). We are given a choice to obey Elohim or not. If we obey by faith trusting Elohim, the result is grace, divine influence upon our heart and it reflects in life. If we refuse to obey and lend ourselves to the iniquity, the result is a transgression and a sin with chastisement. We chose to believe the Word and the promises of Elohim by faith and reap the promises of scripture.

Hebrews chapter ten talks about us turning from Yahushua and counting His blood for nothing, we always have the choice. This is what Ephesians chapters one through three is talking about that for all time Elohim is showing to all creatures heavenly and earthly that Yahuweh's way of love is right. Remember one third of all the angels were fooled after iniquity was found in lucifer. Even the angels had free choice and from the scriptures apparently still do. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit want love and worship from a pure heart. The Father knows the heart of men. That's why we do not know who truly has gotten saved or not. His mercy goes far beyond our comprehension.

Halle lu YAH



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