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Abel Aug. 26,1998


Yahushua will say to you “This is the day of the new beginning, perilous times are coming, days of hardship. Yes! from all sides you will have onslaught of even difficult times will come upon this nation. Even in this area in a short while.” Saith the Almighty.
“But I will prepare you. I have given you My Holy Spirit I have given you the Spirit to guide and lead you and show you the way that you should go. I’ll send you the Holy Spirit to build up your strength to make you strong and to know what way you should go. There for don’t lean unto your own understanding is not by power, is not by mind, is not by your own ability but is by My Spirit.” Saith the Almighty Yahweh. “That I will guide and lead and show you the way. For there will be difficult times and there will be perilous times coming in a short while. A time that this world has never known before disaster upon disaster, earthquakes and shaking will take place. So I want to shake up the world and they will know that I am the Almighty.
I will call you out as a reminent that will shine as light in this day of disaster and confusion that is coming upon this earth. Devistation is coming in a short while,
But I will say to you, “be of good cheer. I have given you My Spirit and you will not be uncertian what to do. For I will lead you day by day by my Spirit. There for I will encourage you to come in by My Spirit and move by My Spirit. I will show you great and mighty things and that I will even do through you and I will use you as mighty instruments even as shining lights in this darkness that is coming upon this world.” Say the Almighty Yahweh


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