Eagle's Alarm Ministries formed in 1999 and first services were held on December of 1999. We are a teaching ministry of the Judeo/Christian faith, with emphasis on origination of our Israeli roots and the gospel of Yahuweh who saves, Yahushua (Jesus) the King of Israel. All our teachings are in writing because of our non-denominational structure; EAM is not a 501c3 corp. we are merely a non-profit.

Our main goal is to strengthen believers in their faith by the word of God, by understanding the precepts of God. To reveal the power of God in us through the Holy Ghost. To guide believers in faith and obedience to the word of faith through the love of God for us through the sacrifice of His Son, our brother, and God, Jesus the Christ, Yahushua the Messiah. Too teach and manifest God's name; Yahuweh.


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